Sunday, September 11, 2016

Some 4x5s shot on Aero Ektar

I finally processed some color and BW negatives from last year and scanned these.  The discharge tube for my Jobo was broken and I couldn't process any film for six months. To make matters worse, the tube had an odd inner diameter but fortunately I had an opportunity to travel to Germany and picked up a compatible tube from a hardware store there! Problem solved! The black and white pictures are shot on Arista EDU 100 and the color on Kodak Ektar 100.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winter Lanscapes

I shot these pictures two months ago and finally developed them! Both are shot using Mamiya RZ67 ProII + Sekor Z110 f/2.8 on Fuji Neopan 100. I have started appreciating the Mamiya for sharp negatives it produces. Hope to do more with the camera as the weather gets better!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Basement Photography Studio Setup

I wanted to have a basement photo studio for a while now. This winter made it clear to me that I needed  to set it up so that I won't go the whole winter without doing photography. That would have been depressing. Initially I thought I'd have just one setup with black background but since I owned two different setups I decided to go with one white and one black background. They are not fancy but they do the job well. I hope I can do studio portraits till it gets nice outside! Here are the setup pictures.

The Infinite black background with White Lightning X1600s

The White background with Nikon SB28 and Olympus FL50R

These are simple setups anyone can do in their basement/spare room. My basement is unfinished so there is no heat so I had to use the space heater to keep the area warm (not very effective unfortunately). I moved most of studio stuff downstairs so I have ready access to various light modifiers, reflectors etc. A few things that I need to add are - a decent looking chair so the subject has space to do a "sitting" session, better space heater, a power strip/extension, a natural light setup (there are nice big windows in my basement) and some sort of storage space to store all the lights and accessories. Once I get to these things, my setup would complete and sweet!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bokeh Machines

I have to admit, I'm an addict for lenses that produce quality bokeh. Those who are not familiar with the term bokeh, check out this Wiki article. Typically the lenses that produce very nice bokeh have large apertures - f/2 or lower in aperture number. When shot wide open (although not required) the circles of confusion these lenses produce in out of focus areas are a joy to look at. It creates that "dreamy" look at least that's how people with non photographic backgrounds have described it to me. There are some favorite lenses that I have in each format that I shoot with and I call them Bokeh Machines.

Small Format - Typically 135mm film size or smaller. It's also known as "full frame" or "cropped frame" in digital world depending on the size of the sensor.

Hexanon 57mm f/1.2 -  This lens is amazing and truly affordable compared to some of the other lenses that I own. It can be adopted to 4/3rds or micro 4/3rds format but it's true home is in Konica SLRs. I have shot this with Konica T3 and Olympus cameras. Konica T3 is built like a tank and has an amazing shutter sound (I know that's very geeky!). Here is one of my favorite pictures I shot using this combo.

Here is a shot with the lens adopted to 4/3rds digital camera Olympus E-510.

Medium Format - Typically 120 or 220 films fall under this section.

Carl Zeiss Planar 80 f/2.8 - I shoot both  6x6 and 6x7 formats when it comes to medium format cameras. Hasselblad 500C in 6x6 is my favorite. The lens of choice for Bokeh is Carl Zeiss Planar 80 f/2.8. Unlike 35mm format, it's very difficult to focus at f/2.8 especially if handheld. So one has to work with patient subjects to get the nice bokeh, shooting wide open.



Large Format - Typically 4x5 or larger size films fall under this section.

Kodak Aero Ektar - It's not a secret that this is my current favorite lens. I even posted a blog entry about its mystical powers! I shoot it with Speed Graphic 4x5 camera. It's very difficult focus and extreme patience is required on subjects' part while working with this lens. But when you get it right, the results speak for themselves. There is just one small area in focus and the rest is thrown out of focus.




Friday, November 8, 2013

MJ with Aero Ektar and Speed Graphic

I finally finished processing all the film shots from my shoot with MJ. All pictures are shot with Aero Ektar + Speed Graphic combo. First two are shot on Arista EDU 100 and the rest are on Ilford Delta 100. Arista is nice and cheap but the emulsion is not so good. When zoomed in at 100% the scans have spots. Ilford on the other hand is simply amazing.  All the negatives are self developed and scanned using Epson V700. I'm happy with the overall results and love the bokeh.

PS:Blogspot is adding some type of tint to all the pictures uploaded for some reason. None of the pictures have the coffee tint.