Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winter Lanscapes

I shot these pictures two months ago and finally developed them! Both are shot using Mamiya RZ67 ProII + Sekor Z110 f/2.8 on Fuji Neopan 100. I have started appreciating the Mamiya for sharp negatives it produces. Hope to do more with the camera as the weather gets better!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Basement Photography Studio Setup

I wanted to have a basement photo studio for a while now. This winter made it clear to me that I needed  to set it up so that I won't go the whole winter without doing photography. That would have been depressing. Initially I thought I'd have just one setup with black background but since I owned two different setups I decided to go with one white and one black background. They are not fancy but they do the job well. I hope I can do studio portraits till it gets nice outside! Here are the setup pictures.

The Infinite black background with White Lightning X1600s

The White background with Nikon SB28 and Olympus FL50R

These are simple setups anyone can do in their basement/spare room. My basement is unfinished so there is no heat so I had to use the space heater to keep the area warm (not very effective unfortunately). I moved most of studio stuff downstairs so I have ready access to various light modifiers, reflectors etc. A few things that I need to add are - a decent looking chair so the subject has space to do a "sitting" session, better space heater, a power strip/extension, a natural light setup (there are nice big windows in my basement) and some sort of storage space to store all the lights and accessories. Once I get to these things, my setup would complete and sweet!