Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Some people have complained that I haven't updated my blog in ages. So... :).

I have a photo up on flickr, titled "Happiness". It was supposed to be for an assignment, for a group I shoot with. I'm a big Bokeh fan and my creativity doesn't cross established norms of cliche. So I sprayed water on the table, placed a text chit which reads Happiness. Used 2 strobes and threw water drops out of focus. On the left there is the Orange gelled strobe and Blue gelled strobe is placed on the right. So when the camera's shutter is released, the lights are fired and from the same pattern they are placed, they blend in together.

The setup:
Setup - Happiness

The result:


Olympus FL-50R was at 1/16th of power and Nikon SB-28 was at 1/16 - 0.3EV.

Minor adjustments in Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS4.