Sunday, November 1, 2009

Striving for Quality

Gosh! Time flies, it's been more than 2 months since I updated my blog. Ooopss! So anyways, I was going through my flickr pages to do a self review of where I'm headed in terms of photography. Some big changes.... I have done way too many portraits, my post processing skills have improved, my style has changed from shooting a wide angle frames to a tightly cropped frames and most importantly I'm paying way too much attention towards the quality of the images. I no longer want/create dirty photoshopped looking images. I'd rather do minimalistic processing and work the camera, light and the setup of the shoot. I compare some of my portraits with some of the best in the infiniteness of the internet... to my surprise all those images have a real clean look. Major factors that define these images include minimalistic vignetting, eyes sharpened only around iris, skin retouched but not smoothened out, some sharp details around eyebrows, hair strands, finer shadows etc. I had to carry out way too many experimentation to learn what I know. I wish someone had told me these before ;-) . I'm especially proud of the first one (the alignment of the eyes is not the usual angle) but second one is my favorite!

In her eyes



Raise an eyebrow.



Sort of scary that I've given up my signature wide angle style and I'm not shooting landscapes :( .
African Safari

Pictured Blue

Hopefully I find some kind of harmony between the old and the new. Also my pencil drawings force me to look things with a 50mm lens. Huh! Talking about new style, Behance has been a great source of inspiration and learning. I've opened an account there to show my portfolio . Also my website is under construction yay! about time :D)

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