Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Velvia is special for me. Of all the color slides I have shot with, the result Velvia produces amazes me everytime. In Velvia blues, reds and greens especially stand out. It can be a little too contrasty for portraits but for landscapes it is perfect. The results are very consistent even with the home development of E-6 using rapid kits. I develop all my E-6s with using my Jobo CPE-2 either with Tetenal or Arista rapid kits (pictured below). I'll post a detailed development process soon. I don't print from my slides so I just scan them with Epson V700 and digitize. Although scanning doesn't do justice to the richness of the slides but it is acceptable, given my small investment in equipments. I feel every film photographer should experience Velvia goodness at least once!

Velvia development in progress using Jobo CPE-2

Sinar F 4x5, Horseman 6x12, Velvia 50

Mamiya RZ67 ProII, Velvia 50

Entry to Waterhole Canyons
Hasselblad 500C, Velvia 50

Little Sable Lighthouse
Mamiya RZ67 ProII, Velvia 50

Calumet 4x5, Velvia 50

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